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JDI WebSocket Client

This project implements a full featured WebSocket client for .NET and .NETMF, and includes a .NET Win Forms application and a .NETMF console application to demonstrate how to use the WebSocketClient class.

The design is based on IETF RFC-6455, and has the following features:
  • Protocol version 13
  • Opening Handshake
  • Sub protocol negotiation
  • Keep alive with Ping and Pong messages
  • Closing handshake
  • Secure SSL/TLS communication
  • Text messages
  • Binary messages
  • Masking of client sent messages
  • Configurable options:
    • Origin
    • Sub Protocol
    • Extensions (not yet implemented)
    • Masking Enabled
    • Max Receive Frame Length
    • Max Send Queue Size
    • Activity Timer Enabled
    • Activity Timeout
    • Handshake Timeout
    • Receive Timeout
    • Close Message Response Timeout
    • Ping Response Timeout
Features not yet implemented:
  • Protocol version negotiation
  • WebSocket extensions
  • Continuation frames (fragmentation)
  • Cookie and other headers not directly related to the WebSocket handshake
Current limitations:
  • Max frame length, which is set with a WSOptions property, determines the max message size.

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